《Love me, don't go》

2015-10-19 16:06
        49episodes modern city love drama 《Love me, don’t go》honorary presented by Zhejiang Donglin Sinocap Green television culture and media Co.,Ltd. Xi Hui who produced 《Bride From The Upper Class》and 《Where Are You Child》served as the producer, and famous directors Ouyang Sheng and Yang Xi directed the drama. Bao Jianfeng and Zhang Jiani served as the main performers. They are popular figures and skilled actors as well.

        《Love me, don’t go》had a collection of many popular stars, interpreted the life crisis and workplace crisis of the 80’s generation couples, and integrated today’s social issues and reflected the social reality. It is a “fast pace and strong plot” family emotion drama for the purpose of guiding the contemporary youth to have right love concept, career values and life values, and the production team is from the 80’s generation.


        At this stage of the TV market, emotional drama is always in the mainstream. Following the audience’s higher requirement for the quality of the emotional drama, there are significant changes for the detailed categories of the emotional type drama, not only simply described the ethical conflicts about some small household affairs, but more inclined to reflect young people’s real life, and the topic is extended from the traditional family conflicts to blind dating, marriage, and house buying etc. This type of realistic themes can really attract young audience’s attention, both young people and older people enjoyed the discussion of some of the topics, and this helped the dramas to get good reputation and ratings. It is expected in the future market that the emotional drama is still going to play an important part and it is a new direction of the development of contemporary theme.
        The director used "fast pace and strong plot" way to tell the story about the emotionally tangled relationship. The story is not only about traditional marriage, relationship between the wife and the husband’s mother, but also deep thinking and discussion about marriage and love, together with fashion elements, loyal audience, strong promotion and broadcast platform. It is positive that the ratings will be great.

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