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Group Introduction

       Sinocap Media(Beijing) Co.,Ltd is relying on its own strength and the power of capital market. We are committed to innovation and production of stage art, film and television dramas, variety shows and cultural exchanges, and we strive to become a comprehensive entertainment media group and be at domestic leading level in a short period of time. We do our best to present healthy, energetic, exquisite fashion and culture experience for the audience, while we are rich in love and kindness to the community, enthusiastic about the public welfare undertakings. We sincerely hope that our continuous efforts can help Sinocap to become a synonymous with power, self-confidence, optimism, fashion, content and artistic style.
       Our business vision:——To make people feeling more appreciated from our performances.
       Our Errand: ——To lighten people’s life with our productions.
       Our value:——To meet the rational and emotional needs of people, to produce philosophical and poetic cultural arts.
       Our brand concept: ——To leave people unforgettable fashion and dreams in the green culture and ecology.

      Mr. Chen Zesheng made a poem for Sinocap. It is a better interpretation for Sinocap spirit:
If everything
is a round dream
then we are
in the immensity
to pursue
the core belongs to us
by then
our excellence
will have created
the unforgettable classics
by then
the blazing sun in the sky
will have shone
the crystal jungle
capering with us all together

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