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Social responsibility

In our opinion

Caring for the society is the quality of the enterprise
Therefore  We give ourselves the responsibility of our society.
We always believe that an enterprise must have a positive impact on society and show their responsibility for eyeryone. We are keen on Philanthropy and donate to charity in China mainland and Hongkong annually.Donated items are as follows:

Earthquake relief 

· Donated to the earthquake relief in Wenchuan, Sichuan Province
· Donated to the earthquake relief in Yushu, Qinghai Province
· Donated to the disaster relief in Jianning,Fujian province

Science and education support 

· Set up a student fund for China University of Political Science and Law to contribute the poor students to study
· Set up a student fund for Communication University of China to contribute the poor students to study
· Donated to Fudan premium fund of management
· Donated to new school construction project in Liuhe County of Jilin Province, Liangshuihe Town Middle School
· Donated to Construction of Yanan Fuzhou high school Ze Sheng style hall
· Donated to Fuzhou Hope Primary School
· Donated and established the people's Liberation Army Institute of the Arts Scholarship Chinese Yufeng Dance Award 
· Donated to Purple Mountain Observatory, Chinese Academy of Sciences
· Donated and established Nanjing Purple Mountain Observatory Winsan Research Award Fund
· Established Fujian Yunsheng Youth Foundation
· Donated to Longyan City, Fujian Hope Primary School
· Funding for poor students enrolled in Huan County of Gansu Province
· Donated to Fujian Hongkong Hope Project Foundation
· Donated to Fujian science and Technology Association
· Donated to Chinese literature and art foundation Funding for poor students in Henan Province

community charity donation 

· Donated to Poverty alleviation program for AIDS patients in Henan Province
· Donated to Jiangsu Samaritan Fund
· Donated to China Welfare Foundation for the disabled
· Donated to China children's foundation
· Donated to Fujian Province, the Red Cross humanitarian relief
· Donated to China children's and children's foundation OSJ glorious future children's amblyopia special fund
· Donated to The fourth "China children's activities Charity Day" large-scale public welfare activities
· Donated to China Aging Development Foundation
· Donated to Fuzhou Samaritan Foundation
· Donated to The Third World Congress of Fuzhou ten counties Association
· Donated to Fuzhou Family Planning Association
· Donated to Red Cross Society of Ganyu County, Jiangsu Province

Donated literature and art

· Donated to Chinese People Press Club
· Donated to Yanan Institute of the spirit of the study
· Donated to "Kayla International Sports Dance Club Limited modern dance competition
· Donated to Chinese quyi Artists Association of Japan "laughing" five anniversary of the Sino Japanese friendship activities
· Donated to Chinese dancers association activities
· Donated to The PLA General Political Department chorus creation
· Donated to Beijing military comrades Art Troupe dancers
· Donated to The flowers in the arts and cultural activities
· Donated to "National dance competition" military actors
· Donated to Cultural and artistic activities of the Exchange Association of Hongkong Chinese cultural city
· Donated to The Chinese people's Liberation Army Academy of Arts and dance department of Hongkong cultural and artistic exchange activities
· Donated to Liu Tianhua bin China National Music Foundation
· Donated to China literature and art foundation sea political art troupe of literary activity

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